Do I need a Financial Advisor?

While some people avoid working with a financial advisor because of the presumed cost of services, hiring a trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable Independent Financial Advisor could be the best investment you ever make for yourself, or for your business.

As an individual...

Here are some of the reasons why individuals such as yourself, seek the help of a professional financial advisor:

You’re heading for a major life event
Marriage, having a child, changing careers, buying a business, or even the on-set of an illness or disability – these are all examples of major life events that could have a significant impact on your financial stability and long term financial fluidity. As your financial advisor, we are here to guide you through those major life events and help you ensure that your assets and wealth are protected both now and into the future.
Retirement is on the horizon
Although this is considered a major life event, it is often only when we begin heading for retirement that we decide we need the help of a financial advisor to guide us in our retirement planning so that we will have sufficient income for our golden years. We advise that you prepare for retirement as early as possible to make saving for your retirement as little of a burden as possible.
You feel that you may be making mistakes with your current investments
If financial planning is not your core function, then the chances are that you could use a second opinion – particularly if your investments and insurance policies are either numerous or complex. Let us review your current financial circumstances, the products and policies you have in place and see if there are ways in which we can enhance your wealth portfolio.
You’ve received a financial windfall and need help to protect it
A large inheritance, or the sale of a sizeable asset may have left you with a healthy bank balance but you may be wondering how best to handle those financial assets. Let’s evaluate your lifestyle and your goals for the future and prepare a financial management strategy to not only protect, but also grow your financial assets.
Financial planning and investment planning is not an area of interest for you
If your mind tends to want to shut down when you look at information regarding financial planning and investment strategies – know that you are not alone, but that you do need a financial advisor. As much as your mechanic is there to help you service your car, so we as your financial advisors are there to help you make the best financial choices in life.
You haven’t the time to keep abreast with markets and investment opportunities
Markets are always changing – particularly in today’s faced-paced, volatile world. Unless you have the time to maintain a fair knowledge of investment strategies and the global economic climate, or have a particular passion for these, we recommend that you take advantage of our up-to-date knowledge and years of investment experience to strengthen your investment strategy.
You’re unsure whether your financial arrangements will secure your family if you die
Our lives change over time, so what may have appeared a suitable financial portfolio last year, may look as if it needs a re-work today. It is important to review your financial plan, or wealth portfolio at least once per year to ensure that your financial strategy is still working for you. Let us review what you have in place and see if there are any enhancements that we can make to ensure that you will achieve your financial goals.

As a business...

Here are some of the reasons why business leaders seek the services of a professional financial advisor:

Your business is growing and you need to insure your assets
Risk management is one of the most important aspects of managing a successful business. As your business grows, so do your assets which means that you will need to revisit your insurance policies on an annual basis to check that your insurance accurately covers your needs and ensure that you are not over or under insured in any particular area.
Your people are important to you and you want to help them secure their financial future
Employee benefits are key to enhancing your competitive advantage, as well as attracting and retaining talented people in today’s skills short market. Medical cover and solid retirement fund options are just two ways in which you can help your employees to manage their financial affairs well, while introducing a host of additional benefits as an employer (read more about employee benefits here).
You need to increase employee participation in investment plans
Employee buy-in to any of the benefits that you wish to provide is key if your business is to realise the full benefits of a group investment scheme. Obtaining employee participation is often based on providing them with the insight that they need to understand the benefits of the scheme that you are providing. Let us review the investment scheme you have in place and prepare enrollment meetings and investment educationals to help your employees make smart financial decisions toward a more secure future.
You need advice on business structures and partner insurance matters
We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have assisted numerous businesses to hone their business structures, put the necessary contracts in place and insure against unforeseen events that could impact the leadership and management of the business. Let us review the structures you already have in place and provide objective insight into the areas that you may need to streamline or protect in order to ensure the success and longevity of your organisation.

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